A New Safe and Secure Way to Ship Goods Cost Effectively and Look After The Environment
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Whether you are sending a package with gifts for your loved ones hundreds of miles away, or sending regular shipments for your business, you need a parcel transport provider that can really deliver rapidly, safely and cost effectively.

When looking for the best national shipping service in Spain or international shipping between Spain and the UK, you need a company that will be reliable, cost effective, fast, and strong on customer service. And if your shipper provides an innovative service such as multiple package shipments to multiple recipients and does it in an environmentally friendly way as well, then you have a great solution when sending packages to and from the UK and Spain.

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Makubic created a new intelligent transport system that offers maximum security and protection using a high quality Makubic container called the MakBox. Makubic offers 24 hours national shipment in Spain, or 4 days international shipments between Spain and the UK, as well as premium customer service and highly competitive prices.

Why is Makubic so different?

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Safe and Secure Packaging with Makubic's MakBox and MakBag

Making a shipment nationally or internationally isn’t always simple and straightforward, especially when it comes to packaging your goods. When choosing a shipment company, apart from searching for the most cost-effective and quickest, we also want a shipping company who will really take care of our goods and deliver them in one piece.

Most shipment companies want you to take care of packaging your own goods. That means you need to get your own box and then also pack the goods in a way that they are well protected during the journey.

Some companies may include in the price an additional insurance against any damage but in most cases this is only if the damage isn’t over EUR 50.00. Anything above that, you would have to pay the extra insurance fee.

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Makubic developed their own re-usable and rugged container known as the MakBox, which is used to send your goods. The MakBoxes are made from rugged material that guarantees higher protection so that when you are shipping your goods either nationally or internationally you don’t have to worry whether the package will arrive in one piece.

Makubic offers additional peace of mind by designing a new packaging system together with a first class national and international shipment service, with no additional insurance fees required.

The MakBox will arrive within 24 hours after you have made a request for a shipment. The container will be already labelled, so the only thing you need to do is put your goods inside and request a pick up. Inside the MakBox is a MakBag which is a waterproof, dustproof and sealable high quality bag. The goods are then placed inside the MakBag which goes inside the MakBox and you have a highly safe, secure and tracked system for all your packages.


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Multiple Package Shipments to Multiple Recipients

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When you want to send just one package every once in a while that is easy, but the real problem begins when you need to send multiple packages to multiple recipients.

Makubic researched and developed a unique solution for that by creating a new intelligent transport system. Instead of sending one package to each client, the Makubic service facilitates shipping multiple parcels to multiple different recipients from just one MakBox.

Each Makubic “MakBox” can accommodate up to 25kg of goods and can be sent to as many recipients as necessary, all for a flat fee of £43.95 for international shipping and £25.95 for national shipping.

For the socially aware and environmentally friendly among us, the added bonus with Makubic is that their Transport System consumes less energy, and its shipment costs are therefore lower than other transport companies.


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High-Tech Tracking and First Class Customer Service

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Makubic uses the latest technology that will allow clients to track their parcels every step of the way. Makubic understands that it is absolutely crucial to have customer support if you have questions or concerns regarding a shipment.

Combining a unique range of benefits, Makubic offers a high quality, fast, safe and secure transport service for your products and goods that will ensure your packages will arrive exactly as you sent them and on time. Makubic offers a unique value proposition by being both environmentally friendly and highly cost effective.