Sending a parcel from Spain to the UK – tips on how to save time and money

how to save time and money when sending a parcel from Spain to the UK

These days you have plenty of options available when sending packages from Spain to the UK, but how can you be sure you're getting the best service possible?

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Whether you need an international shipment between Spain and the UK, or national shipment across Spain, there will be many companies offering the same service. The real problem begins when you need to choose one company. Which will be the lowest cost? Which service will get your parcel there the quickest? Which company will guarantee package safety and protection?

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3 things Makubic saves you from doing when shipping your parcel between Spain and the UK.

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One of the reasons why packages sometimes get lost or are delivered late is because they are not labelled correctly. The delivery and return address written clearly is absolutely crucial. To save you time and energy, Makubic has gone one step further.  Once you have requested a shipment service, Makubic will send you a MakBox that will be labelled and ready to store your goods. With Makubic, there is no need to worry about making sure that you put the address in the right place or form.

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Safe packaging is crucial. When you ship your goods, especially to another country, you need to make sure that they are protected and will arrive safely in the hands of the recipient. What Makubic offers is a hassle free shipping service. Within 24 hours from placing your order you will receive a Macbox and inside you will find a MakBag (a waterproof and dustproof sealable bag in which you place your goods), this will offer extra protection for your products and give you the confidence that your goods will be delivered safely and securely end to end.

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Weighing and measuring

Most shipping companies will give you a quote depending on how large and heavy your package is. If by any chance your item hasn’t been weighed or measured properly it may cause further delays in delivering your parcel. Makubic is offering a set price for each package. For a set fee of £25.95 you can send up to 25kg of goods all across Spain, and for a price of £43.95, you can send 25kg of goods to the UK.

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Sending a parcel from Spain to the UK is easy. All you need to do is click the button, choose whether you want a standard or shared service and follow the instructions. Once you have registered yourself and requested the shipment, your MakBox will arrive ready for your package within 24 hours. All you need to do is place your goods in the MakBag, place the MakBag in the MakBox and then ship immediatley or request a pick up date and time. You can track your parcel with MakTrack, Makubic's excellent tracking system, which will tell you where your parcel is at a given time.